dvadvadva eden dva trii


Orka Holding was founded on January 30th, 1990. The Company is managed and controlled by: the Shareholders Assembly and the Board of Directors. The working processes of the Company are based on the basic economic principles regarding liquidity, stability, profitability and also according to the principles of loyal market competition, good business relations and moral ethics. “Orka’s” primary goal of business is regular measurement of the client’s satisfaction and improvements regarding quality, delivery deadlines, technology and courtesy.

Today “Orka” represents a company which is uniting different types of activities in the country as well as abroad: export, import, representative offices of foreign firms, production, distribution and retail sales, sports journalism and private health.

The leading strategy of all members of the holding is to provide highest quality service in every field. The continuous growth and development of the Company are evident through the improvements and business expansion. Every year the Company acquires new properties, straightens its retail sales network, upgrades its business policy which is at a big extend an additional motive for all the employees of the holding who see it as a possibility for further progress and prosperity. The abovementioned improvements and growth of “Orka” are reflected with new working positions which represent an opportunity for the graduates to start their career in one of the best working environments.